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February 2024

An introduction to Genesis Gaming Software by £5 Slot Sites

Genesis Gaming is one of the better known software houses to make online and mobile slots games. Here you’ll find a list of both online and mobile casino sites to offer Genesis Gaming slots.

List of Genesis Gaming Software online sites

  • Betfred Games
  • BetVictor

Summing up Genesis Gaming Software by £5 Slot Sites

Genesis is a popular name in the casino industry, with several different entities laying claim to the title. This can certainly cause confusion amongst gamers and reviewers alike. Genesis Gaming Solutions and Genesis Interactive Technologies are similarly named and linked United States based companies which focus on casino table game software and hardware for land based casinos. This is the business which uses the standard address.

For online slots players though, the name to focus on is the similarly titled Las Vegas based Genesis Gaming. With satellite offices in London, Vancouver, Hong Kong and Taipei, this American entity uses the web address For UK purposes, the company is licenced and registered with the UK Gambling Commission via the UK Channel Island of Alderney.

Anyway, business stuff dealt with, what are their games like? Well they certainly are prolific, with over 150 designs in the can already. Considering they’ve only been going since 2008, that’s not a bad effort. At the time of writing, less than ten years have passed since the company’s birth, so they have been producing games at the astonishing rate of more than one a month on average. There is no doubting the quantity, but what about the quality?

Well, just about every genre is covered, and the standard is consistently high. The gothic, Hammer Horror style genre has always been a favourite of mine and Genesis have produced a fun Halloween style game called Haunted Night: “a game where ghosts and witches win you riches”. It is an impressive design, with witches on broomsticks, bats and human skeletons galore. The “Pick a Grave” feature completes the spooky mayhem. Meanwhile, Bloodlines has more of a vintage vampire theme, and the atmospheric Attack of the Zombies is also a hit, with its Antidote Free Spins.

Lovers of the Egyptian genre will enjoy their Gods of Giza game. This unusual four row, four reel game’s unconventional format enables the designers to incorporate a unique special feature: during your bonus games, the reels rotate through 90 degrees to produce more potential winning combinations. This happens four times for each free spin. In effect, the reels complete a total rotation, so you have four chances to win from each free game.

But it’s not just the conventional genres that are covered. The innovative and inventive software designers have come up with some surreal and off the wall designs too.

In the Clash of Queens, you will need to pick sides as the warring monarchs go into battle. Do you favour the White Queen or the Red Queen? Your choice will affect your both the type and the level of bonus you receive, depending on which Queen wins the battle.

But perhaps the real genre buster is the surreal Machine Gun Unicorn. Cute ponies live in peaceful happiness, until they are attacked by a plague of… zombies! But the cuddly ponies fight back with all their might, assisted by the aforementioned machine gun unicorn. Evil zombie heads explode across your screen as the ponies and their mythical friend destroy the enemy to a truly rocktastic soundtrack.

These designers can also demonstrate a finger-on-the-pulse contemporary edge when releasing new games. Their quick turnaround of game production means that they can capture the zeitgeist of current events. Their Euro Golden Cup game was introduced in time for the 2016 European Football Championship in France. With three bonus levels and an impressive penalty shoot-out feature, this game was very popular at the time, and continues to excite slot loving football fans across the continent.

Sometimes however, their games can be a little too niche. There’s even a game designed for Meteorologists! Today’s Weather may possibly be a weather forecaster’s favourite game, and it’s true that it is likely to be particularly popular with the British who are famed for their preoccupation with such matters. In truth, it is a great game: it has a BBC News style soundtrack and the look of a TV weather map, with all the familiar symbols for rain and sun. Featuring Random Rain Wilds, Lightning Bolt Added Wilds, Tornado Stacked Wilds, Sticky Wild Snowballs, it has everything that you’d expect to find on a decent slot. But the fact you’ll probably struggle to find it anywhere other than on the designers’ own website suggests that it didn’t really catch on.

Of course, new titles roll off the production line on a regular basis. Due soon at the time of writing is the truly innovative Wild Space which is likely to be found a large number of casino sites.. This inter-galactic theme features comet alerts, gravity surges and a wild black hole. The Star Trek style soundtrack completes the interstellar theme. But the real beauty of this startling game is that there are no reels at all. Instead you are faced with a circular arrangement, a bit like one of those rotating “wheel-and-spokes” space station designs favoured by science fiction writers across the world. Your “spins” truly are spins, as symbols are emitted from a black hole, emerging in a spiral of rotating galaxies, suns and planets. A winning line is achieved by getting matching symbols on one of the “spokes” which run from the black hole in the centre to the rim of the circle.

So there certainly is a reason why top online casinos carry a wide selection of Genesis Gaming titles. The fact is that the quality of their games is consistently high, and there is always something new on the horizon. This means that casino operators know that they will be getting a decent game, and that they will be able to keep regular players interested with a constant flow of innovative new games. And from the players’ point of view, you certainly get a wide range of impressive and imaginative games to choose from. Take your pick!

Details of all the games are available via the company’s own website, (Remember, Googling the name is unlikely to work as this will lead you to the land-based business outlined above.) Many of the games are available to play for free, so you can try them out before you commit any real cash.

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