Slot Sites Accepting Mastercard Payments

Mastercard is no longer accepted by any online casino due to licensing laws and regulations

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For those who wish to make a deposit at a casino using a credit card, then mastercard is likely to be the preferred choice of many. Many banks across the globe have chosen to team up with Mastercard, and therefore it is no surprise to learn that pretty much every slots or casino site you’ll come across will accept payment via mastercard.

It is a simple and straightforward way of depositing that many people understand. When you make a deposit you are ‘crediting’ your account with ‘cash’ funds. The amount you’ve chosen to deposit is added to your ‘credit’ balance and then your bank will inform you when and how much credit you owe them. The customer then has the choice of either paying the credit balance owed to the bank in full, or paying a minimum amount. If a minimum amount is paid, rather than the balance in full, then interest is charged on the remaining balance. This option makes it popular for casino players who are waiting for pay day, or just like to avoid paying by a debit card, where the money is taken straight from a bank account.

A question that is often asked is ‘but is it safe to use mastercard’? It depends on the definition of safe, but in this case we will look purely at the financial security of the card.

  • The major safety aspect of a mastercard is that the bank will not hold you responsible for any unauthorised transactions. This means that zero liability applies, and therefore means if there is fraud on your account then you will not be held accountable.
  • Identity theft is taken very seriously. If you’re worried that you’ll be susceptible to identify theft at an online casino, then you will have 24/7 access to specialists. These will cancel all cards and send you a replacement. Because of the zero liability mentioned above, you won’t be responsible for any any lawful transactions.

There are also ways in which you can stay safe while using an online slots site. These simple tips are an affective way of keeping your details nice and secure.

  • No casino site will ever contact you asking for bank or credit card details. If you receive an email or telephone call you should ignore. If this does happen it would be wise to then contact the casino at which your a member and inform what has happened, without passing on your bank details!
  • It goes without saying that care should be taken while entering your card details in public places or clicking suspicious looking links. If you feel the casino has sent you an unsolicited email, then call their help desk and query what is happening.

Your security and safety should never be in question. All casino sites should have at least 128bit encryption software. This means that your details are always encrypted and therefore kept safe. If you see an online casino that doesn’t have the lock symbol or ‘https’ on the screen where you enter your mastercard details, then this is not safe and you should discontinue the process of making a deposit.