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NYX Gaming Group are one of the biggest names in the slot world. There are few operators who do not give casino players the option of playing some kind of game developed by NYX. Below you’ll find a list of our recommended sites that offer NYX games. Bonuses for New Customers Only. 18+. T&Cs Apply.

All About NYX Gaming with £5 Slot Sites

Founded in 1999, NYX is one of the biggest players in the global gaming market, both in real world, land-based play and online casinos. That’s quite a phenomenal growth in less than twenty years. It is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, the natural home of any major international gaming company. But its operations are truly global. It has subsidiaries across several continents, with operations spread throughout these land masses. In North America, it has bases in both the United States and Canada. Its Montreal based studio has a long history of providing games for land-based casinos. This expertise is then developed by the group to make the technology compatible to be used at any of the NYX casino sites listed on this page. In Europe, there are offices within the United Kingdom and Alderney, and also in Greece, Italy, Malta, Sweden and the UK overseas territory of Gibraltar. Finally, in Australia is the company’s major online software development partner, NextGen Gaming, which is based in Sydney. All these offices and thousands of employees are busy providing solutions and support for just about all facets of the global gaming market. It is really difficult to think of an area of the industry which is not covered by this rapidly expanding company. Let’s begin with its provision of software platform technology, which enables the company to provide websites and design online infrastructure for many of the major online betting groups. These customers include top UK and international names such as William Hill, Coral, Bet365 and Mr Green. NYX take care of all aspects of online gaming, including sports betting, bingo, casino and poker. These are all seamlessly integrated into one site, with different portals to provide discreet partitions. This means that players who, for example, wish to play just Poker, or maybe are only interested in bingo, do not have to wade through irrelevant pages, nor be bombarded by sports betting promotions. The avid Roulette player does not want to be distracted by information about the 3.15 at Sandown! This service is generally provided via NYX’s subsidiary OpenBet, which was acquired in April 2016 for a cool £270m. The big advantage for the major betting groups of using the OpenBet platform is both its seamless operation, and its flexibility. All aspects of online operations are taken care of. This includes providing the gaming software, and supplying the website infrastructure that enables the player to enjoy a smooth running experience. Next come the support services which enable real customer interactions to take place, such as live gaming, chat rooms and customer services. Banking and financial services are also crucial, so the platform contains integrated confidential facilities to provide a smooth and secure process for making and receiving payments. Finally, brand marketing and promotions, and player management can be looked after in this all-encompassing service. But when it comes to major betting operations, flexibility is crucial too: companies need to differentiate themselves within the market. Coral do not wish to sign up to exactly the same platform already provided for Bet365 for example. The advantage of this system is that it allows the operator to choose from a suite of different gaming options (hence the name “Open” Bet). Perhaps the closest analogy would be to compare this philosophy to the brewing industry. Signing up for the OpenBet platform has similar advantages to those of the Free House pub. While other platforms tie the operator into taking games licenced by the platform designer, OpenBet allows the operator to choose the games and designers it wants. This is much like how a Free House can sell whichever beers it wants, whereas the tied pub has to stock ales supplied by its owning brewery. So for major betting groups, the advantage of using NYX’s OpenBet platform is clear. All these individual parts add up to a comprehensive online gaming service. NYX Gaming Group’s games are made to be compatible with all of today’s online enabled technology. Whether you want to play on your desktop, laptop, tablet, phablet or mobile phone, you can be sure that these games will play reliably on your chosen device. NYX games are licenced via the many different national authorities. In the United Kingdom, this is taken care of by the UK Gambling Commission. Other nations have their own regulatory authorities, but you can be sure that NYX is a reputable New York Stock Exchange listed company which works co-operatively with state authorities to promote responsible gaming. Indeed, it works hand in hand with several in the management and administration of various state lotteries. Most games are generally available to play for free in Demo Mode on online casino sites, and this is certainly the case with NYX games. This means that in most cases, you can “try before you buy”, enabling you to find out what a game is like and hone your skills before risking any of your own hard earned funds. Even if this is not the case, you will find most of the group’s games available to play on NYX’s own Gaming Room. So in less than two decades, NYX has grown from a tiny start up to one of the best known names in the gaming industry. Its reputation has been hard earned but richly deserved. With some of the most beautifully designed and innovative games in the business, you can be sure of an entertaining and exciting experience when playing on NYX Gaming Group’s games and licenced sites, whatever your chosen device.