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Playtech are one of the biggest names in the world of online casinos. The company produces a number of world class slots and table games. Every game and casino site using Playtech software is fully licensed and regulated. Bonuses for New Customers Only. 18+. T&Cs Apply.

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Playtech is a major player in the online gaming and sports betting industry. If you play at online casinos , you will certainly have been playing on a Playtech designed game or site at some point, as this company is involved in all aspects of the business, from designing and operating casino sites through to the creation of the actual games themselves.

The History of Playtech Casinos

The relatively short history of the company is one of extraordinary growth. In less than two decades, it has expanded rapidly from its unpromising origins to the multi-national player it is today. It was founded in 1999 in Tartu, a provincial town in the tiny Baltic state of Estonia. With a population of around 100,000 and around 100 miles from the capital, Tallinn it was hardly the most accessible town. But with the dawn of the internet age, there was no need to be based in a vibrant metropolis: software design can be done anywhere. By 2001, it had licensed its newly developed gaming software to a fledgling casino and the growth was exponential from then on. By 2006, it was listed on the AIM London stock market (a specialist market for growing technology companies), thus becoming a public company for the first time. New offices were soon launched in Bulgaria, followed by the design of its sports betting operations. Within ten years of its humble beginnings, it was operating sites across Europe, from Estonia and Serbia in the East to Italy and Spain in the West. 2010 saw a rapid expansion, as it bought out some of the best known software design companies in Europe. GTS, Virtue Fusion and Ash Gaming were among half a dozen big players which became part of the Playtech group. This meant that the company became a big player in the United Kingdom too. GTS and Virtue Fusion were two of the biggest names behind the boom in online bingo and casinos in the UK and across Europe. These and further acquisitions meant that the company was now involved in all stages of the online gaming pipeline. Playtech could now design games and site infrastructure for bingo, casino sites and sports betting, which they then licenced to other operators. They can also provide the management and financial systems which enable its clients, the site operators, to simply buy the complete service “off the peg”, without having to do any of the design and administrative leg work themselves. 2012 saw the company achieve a full listing on the London Stock Exchange, and it has continued to grow. Today, it has over 5,000 employees, working in fourteen countries across the world. It has offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Russia, the Philippines and Australia amongst many others. It has its headquarters in the Isle of Man.

How it All Work and Their Operations

So what do all these international employees actually do? Well, a visit to the company’s very informative website tells you that at least one of them likes to write in impenetrable business speak. To be fair, many aspects of the site are excellent, but it’s clear that much of it is aimed at corporate clients and therefore not at inquisitive members of the public or nosey journalists. So you do need to wade through the jargon. What I can tell you is that the company offers “best-in-class gaming products and services across all platforms”. It also provides a “complete tool suite, [to] enable our partners to leverage our industry-leading technology to both grow their business and differentiate themselves in a rapidly changing environment.” They also have the “technology to provide a fully integrated cross-platform and end-to-end solution”, which enables licensees to “leverage from our broad experience”. Well, allow me to leverage my cutting edge integrated verbal dexterity capabilities in order to provide a comprehensive translation platform solution. This will enable readers to unlock an informative tool suite in order to explore the innovative idea of actually writing in plain English. Or, in other words, allow me to translate… Basically, this company provides everything an online casino operator could possibly need. And it does all this really well, because Playtech casino sites and games are some of the most popular around. By providing great games and reliable, smooth running sites which players love, the company has built up a superb reputation in all aspects of online gaming. Many of the large online sports betting portals licence their software from Playtech. These include Betfair, Betfred, Bet365, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and William Hill. There are also Dozens of less well known playtech casino sites too. These operators can opt for a complete and fully functioning website, customised to their precise requirements. Playtech can take care of everything needed to operate such a site. This includes the look, design and branding of the site from the outset. Marketing of the site can be arranged (hopefully without too much jargon!) in order to promote the operation to attract new players. All the financial matters can be taken care of too. This includes banking and payment arrangements, financial reporting so that the operator can discover which areas of the site and which games are the most popular, and the most profitable. The actual operation of the site is vital as well. Playtech can provide hosting services like chat rooms and live dealers, together with customer support services like e-mail, telephone and technical assistance. All of these extras come at a price of course, but each operator can pick and choose which services they want to provide, at what quantity and to which level of quality. Finally, there are the games themselves. Playtech are renowned for both their casino and slot designs. They create excellent casino and table game formats, in both video and live gaming versions. Their slot designs feature a strong focus on sci-fi and fantasy character tie-ins. The company’s licencing deal with Marvel Comics led to many exciting games with superhero characters like the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man. This has recently expired and been replaced by a new licencing deal with Warner Brothers. Expect more new titles featuring Warner’s DC Comics characters like Batman and Superman very soon. So as far as the typical casino game player is concerned, if you find yourself on a Playtech casino site, or decide to play a Playtech designed game, you can be sure of a top quality experience. You can also be sure that you are playing safely and securely. Playtech only provide games and services to properly licenced and regulated sites which comply with the legal regulations of the territory they operate in. For United Kingdom based players, all the company’s operations are fully regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. If, on the other hand, you were to visit their corporate website, make sure your Business Jargon to Plain English dictionary is close by.