Casino Sites Accepting Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the smart, quick and incredibly secure way to deposit at an online casino. Here you’ll find a list of the apple pay casino sites that are currently available to play. Bonuses for New Customers Only. 18+. T&Cs Apply.

£5 Deposits and Apple Pay Casinos

The ability to make payments by simply using your mobile phone has been around for a while now with many mobile casinos. But for casino players with an Apple device, this convenience has now been taken to a new level. Because with Apple Pay, it really is just a matter of making one touch with one finger, and it’s all done. No complicated passwords to remember. No PIN number to enter. No artificial payment limits. Just one touch and it’s all taken care of. And not just Apple phones can be used this way. Many of their other gadgets are compatible too. Apart from your iPhone (6 or later), you can use Apple Pay with your iPad, your Mac, your new MacBook Pro or even your Apple Watch. To make a deposit at any of the casino sites shown, you just need to click or tap on the Apple Pay icon on the site, then place your finger on Touch ID. For payments in a real retail store, you will need to place your phone near the retailer’s payment terminal. And when it comes to security, Apple Pay is about as safe as it is possible to make it, which is ideal for those casino players who are cautious about whom they make payments to. All payments are made using Two-Factor Authentication to ensure your payments are genuine. Each transaction generates a unique code provided by Apple, and a code which is specific to the device you are using. These are used to verify that the transaction is genuine and to authorise payment. Another advantage of using apple pay casino sites is that your personal payment details are not shared with the retailer or vendor. Payments are made via your bank or credit account, but the actual card number is never stored on your device, or on Apple’s servers. This means that your banking information cannot be “hacked” during or after the transaction. Neither are any of your transaction details stored by Apple or the casino. No transaction details are stored by Apple which can be traced back to you, so all your purchases are kept completely private. Details of recent transactions are kept in your device’s Wallet for your convenience, but nowhere else. To link your card to your Apple device, just go to Wallet and click or tap on “Add Debit Card”. Other phone payment methods just pale by comparison. Not only do Apple Pay casinos offer you these unrivalled security benefits, but there are other advantages too. It’s easier to keep track of your payments, because they are allocated to your usual bank or credit account, rather than to your phone bill, which other methods tend to do. Plus there are no daily transaction restrictions, other than your usual credit or overdraft limit. You don’t even need to disclose your phone number to the retailer or vendor, so you won’t be plagued by unwanted marketing calls or texts for months afterwards either. Of course, you can always keep track of your deposits on your account with the casino you have chosen to join. Likewise, it may also be important to set deposit limits to keep control on spending habits while at the roulette table. And it is all done at no additional cost to you, the purchaser. There are no transaction charges, nor is there any commission to pay. Instead, Apple may make a small transaction charge to the casino owner, but you will not be charged anything extra at all. So for people with iPhones or other Apple devices, Apple Pay casinos are surely the most simple and secure ways to make a deposit. No charges, no faffing about with passwords and PINs. No worries about your personal financial details being disclosed. Just one tap on your device’s Touch ID is all you need for perfect payment peace of mind. If you’d like to know more about Apple Pay Casinos and find more specialists sites offering this payment method then we’d recommended visiting